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All Faiths Cemetery offers a wide variety of services. A representative list is shown below. Variations also exist which may be discussed with our staff.
Please call or visit us for pricing and other details.

Cremation & Burial Services

Cremation is gradually becoming a more common alternative to traditional burial. For those wishing cremation, we offer a full line of services. We provide an on-site crematory as well as several different options for placement of the remains. The ashes may be retained by the family, buried at a traditional grave site, or retained in either of two special locations at the cemetery. One location is a lovely urn garden, an area specifically designed for urn burial. The other is a columbarium, an attractive free-standing granite structure on the site of the urn garden which allows ashes to be stored above ground in individual chambers bearing grave markers.

The Cemetery

Services Offered at All Faiths Cemetery

For those wishing a traditional burial, our cemetery is one of the most picturesque in the area. Beautifully landscaped and groomed, the cemetery provides the ultimate final resting place for a loved one. The centerpiece of the cemetery is the Apostles’ Monument, a stately granite structure with likenesses of the apostles carved in each face. The cemetery maintains a large selection of lot locations and sizes. Several different payment options are available, including a prepayment plan. To permit individual expression, we allow great flexibility in styles and sizes of markers. The purchase of each grave site includes a “perpetual care” agreement which entitles the owner to complimentary lot maintenance into perpetuity

Details & Additional Services

All Faiths Cemetery and crematory provides direct cremation services.  During the cremation process, our licensed and certified staff provide the highest quality of care for all the loved ones that have been lost while showing dignity, respect, and compassion for those who have survived them. Additional details about the cremation process are available so please feel free to call.



Cremation Burials


Other Services

Specialized Care

  • Adult Interment
  • Infant Interment
  • Child Interment
  • Welfare Interment
  • Grave Box
  • Adult Cremation Interment
  • Baby Cremation Interment
  • Child Cremation Interment
  • Welfare Cremation Interment
  • Scattering of Ashes in Garden
  • Tent Use and Assembly
  • Foundation Placement
  • Flat Marker Placement
  • Weekend/Holiday Burials
  • Appropriate Lowering

Important: Please note that it is cemetery and crematory policy that a licensed funeral director will need to be involved to provide services to lost loved ones.

All Faiths Location

We are located at: 9 Island Road Worcester, MA 01603 and hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Sorry but we are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Cemetery hours are Monday thru Sunday Dawn to Dusk.

Our Mission


Our emphasis has always been on personal guidance and compassion, and our foremost goal is to make the passing of a loved one less difficult. Whatever your needs we stand ready to help.

- Dale F. Eck

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